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Luton airport is one of England's busiest airports with the aviation industry pointing out 14 million people passed through the airport in 2016 alone making it the 5th busiest airport in the UK and the fourth largest falling short to Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead.

Apart from Heathrow airport Luton airport has a railway connection which is the quickest into London taking roughly around 20 minutes from the airport. If you want to meet a beautiful escort in London or at the airport the transportation from the airport is perfect for running rails, regular buses and of course, flights.

We have escorts all over the Hertfordshire area ready to meet you. If you are landing at Luton Airport and fancy booking one of our gorgeous Hertfordshire Escorts you aren't very far. As previously mentioned it will take a minor 20 minutes to reach London by rail or by road. The airport is located a mile away from the M! Which connects to London, Leeds and the M25.

Luton airport isn’t known for Hertfordshire escorts but its popularity has greatly been increased thanks to the TV show airline which is heavily based on Luton Airport. The show is a reality show following the daily interactions of passengers and members of staff at the airport. Since the airport is so busy everyone minds there own business so if you’re a little bit bervous about meeting your escort at an airport don’t worry.

She won’t stand there with a sign saying ‘Paid Escort waiting for…’ so rest assured if you hire one of our stunning Hertfordshire hotties she will discreetly meet you and you can show off your new beauty without feeling exposed to the world.

Great area for your travels and your erotic evenings

Luton Airport mainly consists of flights through europe with the occasional scheduled flights reaching as far as Asia and Africa. If you want to change the weather for your you and your gorgeous Hertfordshire escort, bare in mind Luton Airport isn’t far and with regular flights to Europe, Pizza out in Pizza suddenly sounds tempting. Not everyone who goes to airports is planning a flight to a different country though, some people, do just like to sit and watch the planes take off and land.

This is known as plane watching and can be an extremely relaxing situation for two people. If you’re a bit nervous about meeting your escort in Luton Airport, you can sit and watch the planes pass as you bond with her and get to know the person you’re with.

An airport is also a good location to arrange to meet an escort as it’s safe and filled with security and you can bet with the added security, your heartthrob will be less nervous about meeting you, feel more confident in herself and be more willing to give you the best experience possible. This may ease you into an easier experience rather than meeting your escort in Hertfordshire where she may be unsure of her safety.

Luton airport has plenty of facilities to drink and dine and isn’t too far from London. So with all the safety precautions and busy people minding their own business, Luton Airport makes for the perfect place to meet your Hertfordshire Escort. Just be careful not to end up on TV.